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Görlitz Sachsenhausen
Berlin Archives
Dancing Bear

Me and Robert and More Robert

Us and Breslau

Robert. He's a giant. Almost as tall as the Rathaus in Breslau.

I like this picture. I think I look extremely cute even if my eyes are closed. And I am not too modest to say so. :)

This week Robert and I went to Breslau (Wroclaw) and I could put lots of pictures of Breslau on here, but no, instead I chose to put lots of pictures of me and Robert up. :) Robert feels you should know that I erased his hand from the upper-lefthand corner of this photograph where it was covering the lens and replaced it with sky. He feels this is an unethical use of computers. I feel his constant stealing of music and movies off the internet is an unethical use of computers though so we are even.

This is my street in Dresden, Bischofsweg. And Robert sitting on my window sill.

Me and Robert. The first decent picture of us together. I took it.

I like this picture for some reason. We look like ourselves.

This is Robert reading some profound text about computational logic while I did my homework in Alaunpark.

This is Robert driving to Goerlitz. We were so sick of Deutsche Bahn after spending a night in the Leipzig train station that we drove there to see a play on Saturday night.

This was the first picture ever taken of me and Robert. I took it. I look ridiculous because the flash on the camera was SO bright I really couldn't keep my eyes open, but I thought I would include it anyway because Robert actually managed to look fairly good in this picture while I was over there squinting away. We are on the Strassenbahn in Dresden.