Görlitz Sachsenhausen
Berlin Archives

The Europastadt Goerlitz-Zgorzelec

Goerlitz lies on the 15th meridian which determines the time for a lot of Europe. This monument lets you know that where you are standing your watch is exactly correct.

This is a picture of the border between Goerlitz and Zgorzelec as well as between Germany and Poland. I am standing on the German side. They are in the process of building a pedestrian bridge here, the first one was destroyed in 1945. A few days before this picture was taken the Mayor of Zgorzelec went across the river on a pully from the top of that building holding German and Polish flags to symbolize his support for Poland joining the EU.

This is the same border from the other side (note the crane).

These are the spires of the St. Peterskirche. I photographed them because last time I was here two years ago they were black. (Some of the Jackie Chan movie was filmed here. Are those supposed to be the spires of Notredame?)

Speaking of Jackie Chan, just when you thought I was working on the border between Germany and Poland... Here you can see the beginnings of the set for Around the World in Eighty Days. Note that L'Amour des Fleurs is also Kaestner's Lebensmittel. Although not for long, they replaced all that glass.

This is part of an art exhibit called Spaces Coming to Life in which the artist has painted scenes of everyday life in the windows of abandoned buildings. At night the scenes become florescent.

Speaking of abandoned houses, this is a house in the process of being restored, renovated, and rebuilt. I saw this house and numerous others on Der Tag der Offenen Sanierungstuer on which you could tour houses in various stages of restoration.

This is the multinational and multilingual first communion service they had on the lawn of the Stadtpark in Goerlitz. Thousands of Polish Catholics came across the border and they had bishops from both countries present.

This is my best friend in Goerlitz, Casanova, on my bed at Kraenzelstrasse 21.

I also make friends well with Polish animals. This swan in Zgorzelec was definitely hoping I would feed it instead of just take its picture.

This was the Night of Fire in Goerlitz. It was put on by the International Art Summer School that took place here and the themes were Prometheus and Jakob Boehme. The woman standing at the top of this scaffolding was reciting the same poem over and over. I was having dinner.

Phonebooths on Fire. Sometimes the man pictured below with the shoes would come by and play the drums on these telephone booths. It was impressive.

A slide show ran the illustrations from Jakob Boehme's literature. This is an illustration of the Mysterium Magnum.


Jakob Boehme made shoes for a living. During the 30 years war I understand this could be quite a good living. The drummer in this photograph put to music in this shoe workshop segments of Boehme's work which the woman to his left read.

Dramatic Dialogue

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The Wall of Books

I thought I'd throw in another picture of Casanova, the cute cat, sleeping again on my bed. You can also see my infamous orange (field note) book.